Therapeutic Yoga Counselling

Therapeutic Yoga Counselling

I cater each session to you and your unique needs. I start where you are at, and, in time, begin to explore how your decisions are dependent on emotions and mental programs that have been learned. Each session is a time to balance out emotions through (one or all) breath work, a restorative yoga practice, therapeutic grade essential oils and mindfulness based cognitive therapy. I use therapeutic elements of yoga and use them with deliberate intention to heal emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. My eclectic practice of holistic healing and therapy allows you to heal, and with a consistent practice you become your own therapeutic yoga counsellor. I practice out of Studio Wise Yoga Studio in Barrie however; I also provide in-home mobile support to create a more comfortable environment. I work with you to create the most attainable and sustainable change.

Services offered at several locations in order to serve you better

What A Typical Session looks like

Breanna implements an eclectic approach to her counseling session(s) which deal with the mind, body and spirit. As someone who is coming to see Breanna, you will engage in myofascial release and therapeutic components of yoga to start healing the body. You will then start to understand and explore how your mind functions and the mental programs that have been playing run and re-run for, possibly, most of your life. Through counselling sessions with Breanna you will get to know yourself through inner experiences. You will learn to observe the voice of the mind and take the seat of awareness of your experiences as a human being. Breanna uses Young Living Essential Oils, which are therapeutic grade, to support your healing journey by actively listening to your story and using the most appropriate oils for your mind and body.

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