Equine Raindrop Therapy

What is Equine Raindrop Therapy?

Equine Raindrop Therapy is a holistic treatment, developed by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, that uses a combination of essential oils and body work to help bring harmony back into the horse. The essential oils have a vibration frequency impact on the body and its energy field which helps to uplift, resolve and balance emotional and spiritual imbalances that often underpin diseases and behaviors within the horse.

What are the Benefits of the Raindrop Technique for Horses?

Through the essential oils the raindrop therapy addresses the horses emotional and physical well-being as well as prevents and combats sore backs and muscles pre and post training. When show season is in full swing, trailering can have its own impact on the horses health; the Raindrop Technique supports the immune system when horses are traveling from one show to the next. The oils help release toxins that are being held in the horses body and also complements other practitioners such as acupuncture and chiropractor.
Essential oils not only work to facilitate energetic balance for the body, it also detoxifies the cells and organs having the unique ability to influence the emotional brain where memories are stored. This is an important component to take into account particularly when owners are not getting the expected results from other modalities.
In addition to essential oils, Vita Flex, which pre-dates acupressure, is incorporated into Equine Raindrop Therapy to facilitate transport of the oils throughout the body. Vita Flex utilizes the reflex system to release stress and blocks in energy in the neuro-electrical pathways in the body.

First of all, specific oils are used on the sacrum, withers and poll to balance the horses energetic field and once that is complete the Raindrop Therapy Technique begins. Oils are then used on the coronet bands of each foot followed by a specific regiment along the spine. After the Raindrop Therapy is complete, Breanna uses other oils outside of the Raindrop Therapy to cater to any specific ailments the horse might be experiencing. Breanna's extensive understanding and knowledge of her equine friends allows her to work through some of the issues the horse might be experiencing.

Here is a quick snippet showing the beginning of the raindrop therapy technique. I start by applying the essential oil of valor (which is spruce, blue tansy and frankincense) to promote feelings of strength, courage and protection. This oil helps balance and re-align the energy centers of the body. As you can see, Shadow is loving this process as he licks his lips and eyes start to roll back into their sockets, which is a natural state of relaxation.If you're interested in booking or knowing more about this technique please connect with me breanna@compassionatehealing.ca

Posted by Equine Raindrop Therapy on Sunday, April 26, 2015